UCLoo Festival 2013
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    Thanks to everyone who supported and attended UCLoo 2013. We hope you learned as much and had as much fun as we did. The party's over, but we are still talking toilets, so the blog may be updated from time to time and we would be happy to hear from other toilet nerds.

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    Time Out featured post

    By Charlotte A Barrow, on 21 November 2013

    Do you know your shit? UCL sets bog standards at UCLoo Festival

    Time Out has featured our Festival on their ‘blog. Read on for their view:

    “Warning: if you are not a fan of toilet humour, look away now. Still here? Great. We knew you wouldn’t wash your hands of us (strap in – it gets much worse).

    This week, UCL becomes the UK’s first loo-niversity as it celebrates World Toilet Day, Tuesday November 19, with a festival of poop culture (slogan: ‘Do you know your shit?’). Partly it’s to highlight the inequality of a world divided into the lavs and the lav-nots, so that the 2.5 billion people without sanitation no longer get a bum deal. But the environmentally concerned organisers say they’d also like us to ‘consider our own “flush and forget” mentality more critically’. Which we guess you’d call wee-cology.

    Even better, you won’t have to spend a penny. Free events include a toilet exhibition showcasing radical new commode designs, such as one model where tiger worms dine on your droppings. Kids will be shown different kinds of crap-loving microbes. People can sign up to join a group in UCL’s ‘Makespace’ lab, where they’ll be given loads of design kit and six hours to create a brand new convenience. Visitors can trial-run an eco toilet. And… actually, we’ll stop there. There’s a limit to how many details we should give out. After all, what do you think we are? A toilet paper?

    More details at cege.ucl.ac.uk. Here are three futuristic toilets and our top 10 London loos.”