Talks and publications


  • Moyle, Martin, Tonra,  Justin, and Wallace, Valerie.  “Manuscript transcription by crowdsourcing: Transcribe Bentham.” LIBER Quarterly. 20:3 (2011).


January 2016

  • Seaward, Louise, ‘The Crowd, the Volunteers and the Supertranscribers.  Building and supporting an online user community for the Bentham Edition’, Technology Meets Scholarship, co:op convention, Hessian State Archives, Marburg, 19-21 January 2016.

September 2015

  • Causer, Tim, ‘Crowdsourcing and Transcribe Bentham’, MicroPasts Knowledge Exchange Workshop, 23 September 2015.
  • Causer, Tim and Muhlberger, Guenter, ‘Transcription made simple – for experts and volunteers’, DiXit Convention, Huygens Institute, The Hague, 14-18 September 2015.

April 2015

January 2015

  • Causer, Tim, ‘Crowdsourcing for Humanities Researchers’, Arthur Schnitzler Digital project workshop, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Cambridge, 20 January 2015.

October 2014

September 2014

  • Causer, Tim, ‘”Many hands make light work. Many hands together make merry work”: engaging the public with transcribing the manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham’, ESRC Impact of Social Science Research workshop, University of Cambridge, 25 September 2014.

May 2014

  • Causer, Tim, ‘”Many hands make light work. Many hands together make merry work”: Transcribe Bentham and Crowdsourcing Manuscript Collections’, Digitising Nightingale symposium, Wellcome Trust, London, 13 May 2014.

November 2013

September 2013

  • Causer, Tim, ‘”Many hands make light work. Many hands together make merry work”: Transcribe Bentham and Crowdsourcing Manuscript Collections’, Penn Humanities Forum, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 27 September 2013.

July 2013

June 2013

  • Terras, Melissa, ‘Digital Humanities and the Crowd: Using Technology for Outreach and Engagement’, Faculté des sciences sociales et politiques, Laboratoire de cultures et humanités digitales de l’Université de Lausanne, 13 June 2013.

May 2013

April 2013

March 2013

February 2013

  • Causer, Tim, ‘Transcribe Bentham‘, Twenty-First Century Curatorship series, British Library, London, 28 February 2013.
  • Terras, Melissa, ‘Digital Humanities and the crowd: opportunities for public engagement’, Digital Humanities Lecture Series, University of Darmstadt, 7 February 2013.

November 2012

  • Causer, Tim, ‘Transcribe Bentham‘, Networks of Regional Innovation: The Case of the Atlantic Region Policy Workshop, St Anne’s College, Oxford, 15 November 2012.
  • Schofield, Philip, ‘Transcribe Bentham: an experiment in scholarly crowdsourcing’, Digital Humanities Lecture Series, University of Darmstadt, 8 November 2012.

October 2012

  • Terras, Melissa, ‘Digital Humanities and the crowd: the potential for digital engagement and outreach’, Exploring Digital Humanities, University of Ghent, 10-13 October 2012.

September 2012

June 2012

  • Terras, Melissa, ‘Transcribe Bentham: Issues in Crowdsourcing’. The Oxford e-Research Centre Tuesday Seminar Series, University of Oxford, 12 June 2012.

May 2012

February 2012

  • Terras, Melissa, ‘The Bentham Papers Transcription Initiative: Transcribe Bentham’, Guest Lecture, University of Edinburgh Library, 24 February 2012.

January 2012

December 2011

November 2011

  • Causer, Tim, Presentation to the Welsh Wills Online Expert’s Forum, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, 11 November 2011

September 2011

May 2011:

March 2011:

  • Wallace, Valerie, and Tim Causer. “Crowdsourced transcription: some findings from the Transcribe Bentham project.” Archives Discovery Forum 2011. The National Archives, 2 March 2011.

February 2011:

  • Schofield, Philip, and Valerie Wallace. “Transcribe Bentham: Taking the Bentham Edition into the Digital Age.” London Seminar in Digital Text and Scholarship. Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. 10 February 2011.

October 2010:

  • Schofield, Philip, and Justin Tonra. “Transcription Maximized; Expense Minimized: Crowdsourcing and Editing The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.” Textual Scholarship Seminar. School of Advanced Studies, University of London. 12 October 2010.

July 2010:

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June 2010:

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May 2010:

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