Information for Schools

Transcribe Bentham is keen to engage school learners in the process of transcribing Bentham’s thoughts. The  project is a unique initiative which allows learners not only to engage with their own heritage through access to original historical manuscripts of international significance, but also to contribute actively to the documentation of the nation’s history. These pages explain how the project might be used in schools and why it might appeal to students and their teachers.

By transcribing an original document written by Bentham, which has been previously unstudied, learners will help shape the nature of history-writing and will help develop knowledge of one of the seminal figures in the field of legal theory, philosophy and history. The transcription of these sources will aid the understanding of the nature of our society and government.

Pupils from the Queen’s School in Chester contributing to Transcribe Bentham

Through this website students can view and transcribe original documents using an online transcription tool and access information and resources on Bentham including videos, a time-line and bibliographies. For information on how Transcribe Bentham relates to A-levels and SQA courses; the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence; class trips; and for resources on Bentham, follow the links below.