Transcription Update – 16 September to 13 October 2017

By Louise Seaward, on 13 October 2017

Hello!  We’re here with some amazing news for this month’s statistics update.  Volunteers have now transcribed more than 19,000 pages on our site – a phenomenal effort for which we are hugely grateful.  We look forward to the next big milestone – 20,000 pages, the transcribers are coming for you!

We’re attending a conference about crowdsourcing at the University of Angers next week. We’ll be speaking about the results of our latest user survey and suggesting how we hope to use this feedback to make Transcribe Bentham more enjoyable and efficient for users.  Look out for a report in our next blog post!

Back to the statistics – these are the latest statistics as of 13 October 2017.

19,136 manuscript pages have now been transcribed or partially-transcribed.  Of these transcripts, 18,327 (95%) have been checked and approved by TB staff.

Over the past four weeks, volunteers have worked on a total of 180 manuscript pages.  This means that an average of 45 pages have been transcribed each week during the past month.

Check out the Benthamometer for more information on how much has been transcribed from each box of Bentham’s papers!