Changing up our blog schedule!

By Louise Seaward, on 28 May 2017

Hello readers!  Another month has flown by with a flurry of activity from our volunteer transcribers.  As the month comes to a close, we are rolling out some changes to our blog schedule.  There will now be at least two posts each month on the Transcribe Bentham blog.

  1. Transcription Update.  Our familar statistics, detailing what was transcribed and when, will become a monthly feature.  The Transcribe Bentham team will still be keeping an eye on things every week for our own records, so you can get in touch at any time if you want more information on our latest statistics.
  2. Project Update.  We will be adding at least one new post every month to shed light on the activities of our volunteers and the research and editorial work undertaken by the Bentham Project.  Expect to hear more about the intricacies of crowdsourcing, new discoveries from Bentham’s papers and our experiments with training a computer to recognise Bentham’s handwriting as part of the READ project!

We hope this new format will be interesting and help us in our mission to spread the word about Bentham far and wide!  If you have any ideas for topics that you would like to see discussed on the blog, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email.