Progress update, 7 to 13 December 2013

By Tim Causer, on 16 December 2013

Welcome along to the progress update for 7 to 13 December 2013, and apologies for the delay in reporting, which was caused by proof-reading of the latest volume of Bentham’s Collected Works (Political Fallacies, in case you were wondering), and the New Directions in Bentham Studies conference held at UCL on Friday.

9,174 words of Bentham text were transcribed during this period, along with a further 3,589 words of TEI XML. 6,600 manuscripts have now been transcribed or partially-transcribed, which is an increase of 33 on the previous week. Of these transcripts, 6,315 (95%) are complete and locked, having passed through our quality controls.

The more detailed state of progress is as follows:

Thank you, as always, to everyone who gave their time so generously to Transcribe Bentham during this period. It remains greatly appreciated by us all.