Recovering Bentham: transcripts and the Collected Works

By Tim Causer, on 3 June 2013

As we have discussed in reports on Transcribe Bentham, transcripts produced by volunteers have two aims. First, they will be uploaded to UCL’s digital repository to widen access to this priceless collection; and second, the transcripts will feed into the Bentham Project’s editorial work, and form the basis of new volumes of the Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham.

We are delighted to say that the first discrete text arising from the work of Transcribe Bentham volunteers has just been pieced together by Dr Michael Quinn, Senior Research Associate at the Bentham Project, who is working on Bentham’s writings on political economy. This takes the form of a ten-page advertisement for a work detailing Bentham’s annuity notes scheme, dating from 1818. The text is derived from transcripts of JB/002/001/001 to JB/002/014/001, which you can consult on the Transcription Desk (Dr Quinn would be particularly appreciative of transcripts of material from Box 2!).

We would like to thank volunteers Diane Folan, Peter Hollis, Rex Levang, Lea Stern, and Courtney Wells for having worked on this particular batch of material. Needless to say, they – and any other transcriber who works on this material – will be fully acknowledged in the relevant volumes when they are published.

This is, of course, only the beginning of the collaboration between Transcribe Bentham volunteers and Collected Works editors, and we look forward to telling you more when further works are pieced together.