Progress update, 27 April to 3 May 2013

By Tim Causer, on 3 May 2013

Welcome to the progress update for the period 27 April to 3 May 2013, during which time great further progress has been made by volunteer transcribers: 9,828 words have been transcribed over the past seven days, including TEI mark-up.

5,549 manuscripts have now been transcribed or partially-transcribed, which is an increase of 25 on last week’s total. Of these transcripts, 5,267 (94%) are complete and locked. We are now on the cusp of being able to say that 95% of all submitted transcripts

The more detailed state of progress is as follows

Box 107 was again the most heavily transcribed set of material during the last week. We are also glad to report that more material is also now available to transcribe: Box 41, containing material pertaining to Bentham’s massive, unfinished Constitutional Code.

Finds this week include Bentham discussing his scheme for counterfeit-proof banknotes (thanks to Joy Lloyd).

Earlier this week, the Bentham Project published electronically the preliminary text of the third volume of Bentham’s Not Paul, but Jesus, which has never been available before. In this work, Bentham discusses sexual morality, and argues that asceticism had been condemned by Jesus, whereas St Paul had taught and encouraged it. Bentham further argues that the reason why so many sexual practices were condemned or subject to harsh criminal penalties was owing to the teachings of Paul. This is an extremely important work, and has been edited by Philip Schofield, Catherine Pease-Watkin, and Michael Quinn, and has been encoded using a TEI schema developed by Kris Grint.

As always, we are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken part in Transcribe Bentham over the last seven days. It is very much appreciated by us all.