More new material available!

By Tim Causer, on 1 March 2011

More manuscript images have been uploaded to the Transcription Desk, this time relating to Bentham’s 1823 publication, Not Paul, but Jesus (this was published under the pseudonym ‘Gamaliel Smith’.

Not Paul, but Jesus sees Bentham compare the teachings of Paul with those of Jesus, and argue that the religion of both men differed significantly. Bentham suggests that Jesus was a hedonist, while Paul was an ascetic who sought to gain control of the emerging Christian movement to gain the power, wealth and reputation he believed it would bring him. Bentham argued that it was owing to Paul that asceticism characterised the teachings of the Christian Church, and that there was nothing in the accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus to support it.

This hugely interesting material is now available for users to read and transcribe!