Raine’s Foundation School visit Bentham

By Valerie H Wallace, on 13 December 2010

A couple of weeks ago Transcribe Bentham hosted a group of A2 Philosophy and Religious Studies students from Raine’s Foundation School in Bethnal Green. The students heard a lecture from Prof. Philip Schofield on Jeremy Bentham, utilitarianism, the panopticon and Bentham’s connection to London and UCL. We had a tour round campus to introduce the students to university life, including a quick stop at the Jeremy Bentham Room, occupied by student protesters, a trip to the library and a visit to see Jeremy himself in his box. Afterwards the students participated in the transcription initiative and completed transcripts of Bentham’s writings on robbery, law, religion, and how to measure pleasure and pain. Seeing the students so inspired by Bentham’s corpse and corpus was exhilarating and rewarding; according to their teacher, Tom Bennett, the experience was ‘fascinating’ and helped to bring philosophy alive.

Raine's Foundation School