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Decoding Jeremy Bentham

By Justin Tonra, on 26 July 2010

Tomorrow, July 27 at 5.30pm, sees Jeremy Bentham make his debut at the Decoding Digital Humanities series, run by the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. This excellent series involves an informal, yet lively discussion on a predetermined topic related to Digital Humanities. Tomorrow’s session will address, among other things, Transcribe Bentham, as the subject of discussion will be Dr Melissa Terras’s recent plenary lecture which closed the DH2010 conference at King’s College London.

On Thursday, July 29 at 5.30pm, the newly established Melbourne Chapter of Decoding Digital Humanities will also discuss the same topic!

If you happen to be in London or Melbourne on these dates, feel free to drop in and join the discussion.

Present, Not Voting: Digital Humanities in the Panopticon

By Justin Tonra, on 14 July 2010

At the close of last week’s annual Digital Humanities conference, DH2010, Transcribe Bentham member Melissa Terras delivered a plenary lecture which introduced the project to the assembled audience and succeeded in addressing many of the current concerns of the Digital Humanities discipline with precision and clarity.


Dr Terras’s lecture is timely and engaging, and should be of immense appeal both to Bentham scholars and enthusiasts, and to anyone interested in hearing an overview of the central issues and concerns in the field of Digital Humanities at the present time. Both the text and a video of the lecture are now available online.