Publications accepted from 1 April 2016? Deposit within 3 months to comply with the REF policy

By Myriam Fellous-Sigrist, on 17 March 2016

To be eligible for submission to the next REF, publications accepted from 1 April 2016 must have been deposited in an open access repository.

It is best practice to deposit in UCL Discovery as soon as your work (journal articles, conference proceedings, books and book chapters) is accepted for publication. Outputs not deposited within 3 months of publication cannot be submitted to the REF.OAlogo

Find more information and help (including funding for Gold Open Access).


What is a Data Access Statement and do I need one in my publication?

By Myriam Fellous-Sigrist, on 22 September 2015

Some research funders such as the EPSRC require you to include Data Access Statements in your pending publications. The RCUK Policy on Open Access also states that

“All papers must include details of the funding that supported the research and, if applicable, a statement on how the underlying research materials – such as data, samples or models – can be accessed.”


I am about to publish my article, where can I deposit my data?

By Myriam Fellous-Sigrist, on 21 September 2015

Some research funders such as the EPSRC require you to make openly available (where appropriate) datasets supporting your pending publications.

UCL Discovery is a repository that can be used to make publicly accessible such small datasets underpinning your publications. It is free of charge for UCL researchers.