• Panopti What?

    PanoptiCam is a webcam mounted above Jeremy Bentham’s auto-icon.

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  • Some choice views from Bentham

    By Melissa M Terras, on 2 June 2015

    Three months in, and we’re still up and running! The daily timelapses show the changing events held in the cloisters at UCL.  Over at Panoptistream an hourly still image is broadcast during normal waking hours: it is suprising how often this is empty (we hear tales of people now avoiding the box at the time it broadcasts the images…). You’ll see the camera move a bit – it gets shifted for various reasons, sometimes nudged when the box is closed for the night, sometimes tweaked (by us? by others?) and sometimes we decide that the images being captured need a bit of an improved viewpoint! Here we show some of the interesting things captured over the last few weeks at UCL.

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