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    PanoptiCam is a webcam mounted above Jeremy Bentham’s auto-icon.

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  • Highlights of Jeremy’s gaze so far…

    By Melissa M Terras, on 15 March 2015

    The Panopticam has been up and running for a couple of weeks now. The daily timelapses show an interesting ebb and flow of activity in the cloisters, from visitors, to events, to dance practices (the open space in front of Jeremy is a favourite for dance troupes, who often rehearse into the small hours).  Over at Panoptistream an hourly still image is broadcast during normal waking hours: it is suprising how often this is empty, or shows the feet of those walking past, but there are some gems emerging. Here we round up our favourite captures over the last few weeks – showing the range of visitors Bentham gets, and the type of different activity he sees at UCL.











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