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  • Pottery Project Guest Blog: Biography of an Egyptian Pilgrim Flask

    By Alice E Stevenson, on 28 February 2014

    Guest Blog by Loretta Kilroe

    In the first of our series of different perspectives on Egyptian pottery, graduate student Loretta Kilroe looks at pots she is hoping to devote 3 years of doctoral study to.

    Iā€™m currently researching pilgrim flasks ā€“ vessels with a lentoid body, narrow neck, and two handles for suspension. These striking pots first appear in New Kingdom Egypt (c.1550ā€“1069BC). They were originally traded from the Levant, but soon enthusiastically adopted into the traditional repertoire and made by Egyptian potters themselves. One beautifully-preserved flask in the Petrie Museum particularly caught my eye, UC66492.

    Ancient Egyptian pilgrim flask

    A object of intrigue: an ancient Egyptian pilgrim flask