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  • Specimen of the Week 272: Jar of Horseshoe Crabs

    By Rowan J J Tinker, on 30 December 2016

    Doors open and in rushes a gust of cold air, shortly followed by a hurried flurry of wrapped up rosy faces. Here at the Grant Museum of Zoology, winter is a time of pressed noses on cabinet glass, and hungry eyes peering in at vivid sugary denizens of the cupboard. Come one, come all and experience Grant’s famous jelly moles, cotton candy wasp nests, liquorice joeys and of course the week’s special, all the way from America, the hard candy horseshoe crabs…

    LDUCZ-J322 Horseshoe crabs

    Jar of Horseshoe Crabs (Limulus polyphemus). LDUCZ-J322