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  • Specimen of the Week 206: The leopard skull

    By Will J Richard, on 21 September 2015

    LDUCZ-Z334 leopard (Panthera pardus) skull

    LDUCZ-Z334 leopard (Panthera pardus) skull

    Hello! Will Richard here. Taking my turn to bring you another specimen of the week. And what can I say about this week’s specimen?

    Very little… on with the blog!

    This week’s specimen is…

    **the leopard skull**


    Specimen of the Week: Week Thirty-Seven

    By Emma-Louise Nicholls, on 18 June 2012

    Scary Monkey: Week Thirty-SevenHaving let other people choose the Specimen of the Week for the last two weeks I decided that this week, as I was in the pilot’s seat again, I would choose my favourite animal. You may think that would immediately tell people who know me well what this blog is going to be about, but I, as anyone who knows me well would tell you, have 27 favourite animals. It’s true, I have a list on Facebook, it’s that official. Choosing between them was hard, but eventually I decided that this week’s specimen of the week is… (more…)