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  • Dust & Catharsis

    By Mark Carnall, on 1 April 2011

    A mere two weeks after we open heavy demolition work in the basement underneath the Grant Museum kicks up plaster dust inside the display cases. Nobody is to blame in particular but I thought I’d share these images to get the dust out of my system (and our cases).

    dust obscuring specimens in a case in the Grant Museum

    If only dust had some kind of market value?

    Ashes to ashes

    Actually we could pretend that this is a collaborative effort with the Wellcome Collection's current exhibition Dirt.

    Mother duster

    Is it ironic that our display case discussing the risk we put specimens at when we display them is now covered in dust from the inside?

    These are the edited highlights of images of dust inside cases

    The other 300 images are available on demand in a hard back book with a dust wrapper.

    More dust on the inside of cases

    More dust on the inside of cases Our temporary exhibition continues until the dust settles, in the meantime come by the Grant Museum to see staff doing a lot of dusting with the occassional slow shaking of the head.

    A Grant Museum wet specimen showing the amount of dust deposited

    Dust related punnery welcome in the comments, particularly song lyrics with dust hilariously replacing words that end in ust. 'Dust the two of us', 'It's just. A little Dust. No real big thing' etc.

    There. I feel all better. Don’t forget to go along to see our sister exhibition Dirt at the Wellcome.

    5 Responses to “Dust & Catharsis”

    • 1
      Natasha McEnroe wrote on 4 April 2011:

      I feel I ought to add, even though this was posted on April 1st, this is NOT a joke!

    • 2
      Emma-Louise Nicholls wrote on 6 May 2011:

      Now that I am officially on ‘Team Dust’, I thought I’d try and alleviate the ongoing frustrations with an overdue response to your request. Uh hum, may I present… some ‘dusty song titles’…

      Dust a dream (Nelly)
      Dust like a woman (Barb Jungr)
      Dust like that (Abba)
      Dust for a day (Babyface)
      Dust for life (David Bowie)
      Dust to be close to you (Backstreet Boys)
      Dust an image (Ace of Base)
      I’ll dust ‘em, you punish ‘em (Canibus)
      Don’t dust my chops (Ramones)
      Dust your windows (Glee Cast)
      My guns is all I got to dust (Solomon Childs)
      Young Dust (Aerosmith)
      Dust for kicks (The Cars)
      Dust with me (Beulah)
      Dust in peace (Megadeath)
      Dust never sleeps (Kalmah)
      Dust for glory (by the excellently poignantly named ‘Filth’)
      Days of dust (INXS)

    • 3
      Mark Carnall wrote on 9 May 2011:


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