UCL now has access to Russkii Arkhiv

By Sarah Gilmore, on 16 June 2017

UCL now has access to Russkii Arkhiv

A well-known monthly journal of history and literature, published in Moscow in 1863-1917 (1880-1884 – bimonthly). Founded by P.I. Bartenev, a longtime editor of the journal, and intended to make a comprehensive coverage of Russian history.

Russkii Arkhiv published mostly unreleased memoirs, epistolary, literary and institutional documentary materials that highlighted the cultural and political history of the Russian nobility in XVIII and XIX centuries. Special emphasis was given to and the reign of Catherine the Great and Alexander I. In addition, a large number of materials of biographical matter was devoted to the life and work of Alexander Pushkin and to the prime time of the nobility of literary and artistic culture.

Russkii Arkhiv was written in the Old Russian orthography used at the time, which included the letters І, Ѣ, Ѳ and Ѵ. These letters were later eliminated from the Russian alphabet during the orthographic reform of 1918. To facilitate full-text searching of this original, we’ve created an on-screen Old Russian virtual keyboard. This virtual keyboard allows users to enter words containing pre-reform Russian letters (e.g. “сѵнодъ” and “дѣтство”).

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