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Oxford Constitutions of the World

By Kieron L Jones, on 16 April 2014

UCL has a trial to Oxford Constitutions of the World until 8th May 2014. 

You may view the UCL Library Electronic Resources Blog post here: http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/library-ejournal/2014/04/10/oxford-constitutions-of-the-world-trial/

Trial to YouGov Reports

By Kieron L Jones, on 23 January 2014

UCL has a trial to YouGov Reports until 23rd April 2014.

For further details, please view the UCL Library Electronic Resources Blog post at: http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/library-ejournal/2014/01/23/yougov-reports/

Trial to CountryWatch

By Kieron L Jones, on 6 December 2013

UCL has a trial to CountryWatch until 4th January 2013. For off-site access to this trial, please use web WTS.

CountryWatch provides critical country-specific intelligence and data through its suite of products:

  • Country Reviews- features reports covering each county’s historical, political, economic, social, demographic, business and environmental issues
  •  Country Wire- provides access to real-time, full-text news articles for each country
  •  CountryWatch Data- contains macroeconomic, economic, health, demographic, cultural, sociological and environmental statistics
  •  Map Gallery- contains over 170 thematic maps covering cultural, economic, macroeconomic, environment and indicators

World Bank eLibrary

By Kieron L Jones, on 8 November 2013

The new World Bank eLibrary is being developed as a timesaving service for researchers, lecturers, other expert users and students who need to access and work with World Bank research in a more convenient and effective way than what is possible when accessing World Bank free online content.   The World Bank is currently inviting a number of organisations to have complimentary evaluation access of the eLibrary until 31st Dec. 2013.  This invitation has been extended to UCL. 

The World Bank eLibrary can be found here: http://elibrary.worldbank.org/ (accessible only on-site or via web WTS)

For an overview and quick introduction, the following links may be of use: Overview of User Tools, Using eLibrary.

Europa World Plus

By Kieron L Jones, on 19 August 2013

UCL has a trial to Europa World Plus until 12 September 2013. For off-site access to this trial, please use web WTS.

Europa World Plus is the online version of the Europa World Year Book and the nine-volume Europa Regional Surveys of the World series. First published in 1926, the year book covers political and economic information in more than 250 countries and territories.

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian.


By Kieron L Jones, on 19 August 2013

UCL has a trial to ReportLinker until 25th August 2013. For off-site access to this trial, please use web WTS.

ReportLinker is a professional search engine that provides easy access to global market research reports and industry statistics. It contains more than 1.2 Million industry reports, 800.000 Market briefings, 450.000 Company profiles and 40.000 Country guides from +200.000 official public sources.

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian.

Public Information Online

By Kieron L Jones, on 18 July 2013

We have a trial to the Public Information Online database, until 18th August.

“Public Information Online is brought to you by Dandy Booksellers and The Houses of Parliament Shop, specialists in the supply of Parliamentary material.
The aim is to increase awareness of, and access to, Parliamentary publications, and to encourage best practice in the procurement, dissemination and use of public information.

Public Information Online contains All material from 2006/07 Parliamentary session onwards. The site is updated daily with fully searchable PDFs that are available on the day of publication.

One stop shop for PDFs of ALL:

  • House of Commons Papers
  • House of Lords Papers
  • Command Papers
  • Bills and Bill Amendments
  • Explanatory Notes for Bills
  • Standing and Public Bill Committees
  • Acts and Explanatory Notes
  • House of Commons and House of Lords Daily Hansard
  • House of Commons Weekly Information Bulletin
  • Votes & Proceedings”

China Data Online

By Kieron L Jones, on 4 June 2013

We have a trial to China Data Online until 18th June 2013.  “China Data Online is a primary data source for China studies.  It includes China Statistical Databases, China Census Databases and China Spatial Data Service (China Geo-Explorer); it provides access to the various statistical yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, comprehensive statistics, and Census data of economy and population at national, provincial, city, county, and township levels.”

Sustainable Organization Library

By Kieron L Jones, on 19 April 2013

We now have a trial to the Sustainable Organization Library 2013 until 11th June.  “The Sustainable Organization Library (SOL) is a focused library of key texts (almost 400 volumes) in governance, sustainability and environmental management.  Available either to own outright or to rent on an annual basis, SOL gives instant access to the world’s best writers in the area; case studies on best practice from international organizations; evidence-based research and in-depth analysis from thinkers around the globe.  Partner publishers included in SOL include Greenleaf Publishing, Practical Action Publishing, and the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).”

International Historical Statistics

By Kieron L Jones, on 17 April 2013

We have a trial to International Historical Statistics until 11th May.

“The IHS series is a unique collection of statistics covering a wide range of socioeconomic topics. It is a collection of data sets taken from hundreds of disparate primary sources, including both official national and international abstracts – back to 1750. The new online edition provides updated statistics to 2010 – covering 260 years. The collection is a truly interdisciplinary resource; it will be of interest to academics, researchers and students in sociology, politics, history, economics, business, environment, international relations, geography and statistical studies and related professional services alike.”