World Review

By Kieron L Jones, on 28 June 2013

World Review is a free-access online publication that provides insight and analysis on global events, covering issues in economics, politics, energy and defence & security.

 In addition to stand-alone reports we often publish series of reports that cover a major theme (such as cyber security, shale gas, China in Africa, and Rare Earth Elements) to provide a comprehensive overview for the reader.

All of our content is written by leading global experts who play active roles in top universities, think tanks, intelligence services, as government advisors and in business. You can find out more information about our experts here: http://www.worldreview.info/experts

Geopolitical Information Service (GIS) was founded in 2011 by H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, a widely-recognised entrepreneur and expert in the field of global geopolitics and economics. He is President of the European Centre ofAustrian Economics Foundation (ECAEF), a liberal think-tank based in Liechtenstein as well as co-founder of several other international think-tanks. GIS publishes the Geopolitical Information Service and World Review websites.”