Open Book Publishers

By Kieron L Jones, on 18 April 2013

“At Open Book Publishers we are changing the nature of the traditional academic book. Our books are published in hardback, paperback, pdf and ebook editions, but they also include a free online edition that can be read via our website, or embedded anywhere. We are proud to say that our online editions are currently being accessed by thousands of readers each month in over 120 countries. In addition, our digital publishing model allows us to extend our books well beyond the printed page. On our website, we produce online supplementary material, including extra chapters, reviews, links, image galleries and other digital resources — these can be found on the individual product page for each book.”

Economic Fables by Ariel Rubinstein can be read for free online here:


Is Behavioral Economics Doomed? by David K. Levine is available here:


And Peace and Democratic Society by Amartya Sen is here: