OECD iLibrary goes mobile

By Kieron L Jones, on 19 November 2012

“Anyone, anywhere can now access OECD full-text content following the launch of Read on the OECD’s global knowledge platform, OECD iLibrary – right down to the level of individual chapters and tables.  Read content is optimised for browser-enabled mobile devices and can be read online wherever there is an internet connection*. They are also shareable and embeddable.

“Our mission is to maximise access to and dissemination of OECD’s knowledge,” said Toby Green, OECD’s Head of Publishing, “and by offering Read at the level of individual chapters, we call on our readers to help us in this mission. Since you don’t have to share the whole book, but can pick a chapter or even a single table, we hope this feature will stimulate more dissemination and discussion about OECD’s research, policy advice and data.”

With tablets likely to displace laptops and desktops as the main reading device for many patrons in the coming years, adding a tablet-friendly version to OECD iLibrary means the needs of Librarians are met too: patrons will discover, share and use subscribed OECD resources more easily, encouraging usage. Sharing OECD knowledge with class and colleagues is simpler than ever, thanks to the social media tools included.

The Read service demonstrates OECD’s continuing commitment to making its content accessible for all, whether at a subscribing institution or not. Using Read, anyone can fact-check and access OECD full-text material.  OECD iLibrary is delivering more and more OECD knowledge, with downloads 40% higher than last year. Now, with the introduction of Read on OECD iLibrary, OECD knowledge is not only accessible for everyone, but shareable too.”