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La France et la Crise

By Kieron L Jones, on 15 October 2010

la france et la criseThis useful site emerged from the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF) organised at Nottingham Trent University in September 2010. It is maintained by Chris Reynolds and Martin O’Shaughnessy from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at NTU and aims to cover the economic crisis and recession from a French perspective. It includes papers and videos¬†from the conference, plus other written documents, lectures and blog postings.¬†Topics covered include: the nature of the economic crisis in France, historical comparisons, protest and the politics of the crisis. Many materials are offered in French only.

How To Trade Commodities

By Kieron L Jones, on 7 October 2010

How To Trade Commodities is intended to be a jargon-free introduction to commodity trading for those unfamiliar with even the most basic concepts. It covers commodities, commodity trading, commodity exchanges etc, and includes analyses of the factors affecting specific commodities and profiles of various exchanges.