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By Kieron L Jones, on 25 January 2010

studying economics www.Studyingeconomics.ac.uk, created by the Economics Network based at the University of Bristol and written for undergraduate economics students, contains a wide variety of information which students may find useful e.g., module choices, study tips, intern advice, etc.

The Dataverse Network Project

By Kieron L Jones, on 19 January 2010

dataverse network “Via web application software, data citation standards, and statistical methods, the Dataverse Network project increases scholarly recognition and distributed control for authors, journals, archives, teachers, and others who produce or organize data; facilitates data access and analysis for researchers and students; and ensures long-term preservation whether or not the data are in the public domain.”

The Human Security gateway

By Kieron L Jones, on 12 January 2010

human security report

The Human Security gateway is a joint project of the Human Security report project and School for International Studies at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. It aims to provide researchers with a searchable database of links to key websites, full-text reports, journal articles, news items and fact sheets relating to human security worldwide. Human security is defined as the protection of individuals from wars, civil wars and violence. The website enables users to search or browse by country or topic. Topics covered include: peace-keeping operations, children and armed conflict, international humanitarian law, gender and security and refugees. Each resource has an added description of content. The section on Yemen includes coverage of international security, terrorism, and human rights. It includes links to news bulletins, maps and recent academic reports from aid agencies, think tanks and NGOs. It is possible to sign up to receive RSS feed alerts when new materials are added.

Capital flow analysis

By Kieron L Jones, on 4 January 2010

capital flow “Federal Reserve national flow of funds accounts show the types of issuers, investors, and market intermediaries that buy and sell securities in the U.S. capital market. The national flow of funds accounts reveal where market players get their funds and how they apply their resources. Flow of funds analysis explains investment market behavior and helps you determine whether current trends are likely to continue.”