LSE Public Events

By Kieron L Jones, on 10 February 2009

Monday 16 February, 6.30-8.00pm
Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House
Political Reform in the Gulf States
Speaker: Abdullah Bishara
Chair: Dr. Christian Ulrichsen
Significant political reform processes are underway in all six member-states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).  In this lecture the first Secretary-General of the GCC will relfect on their progress and future prospects.
Abdullah Bishara was Secretary-General of GCC from 1981-93.
Information: events@lse.ac.uk or call 020 7955 6043

Tuesday 17 February, 6.30-8pm
Old Theatre, Old Building
The Global Economic Crisis – Meeting the Challenge
Speaker: Prof. Tim Besley, Prof. Francesco Caselli, Prof. Chris Pissarides, Prof. Danny Quah
Chair: Prof. Lord Richard Layard
A panel discussion on the current global economic crisis: its origins, transmission, and possible impact and resolution.
Tim Besley, Francesco Caselli, Chris Pissarides and Danny Quah are all economics professors at LSE.
Information: events@lse.ac.uk or call 020 7955 6043

Wednesday 18 February, 1.05-2pm
U8, Tower 1
Thinking Like a Social Scientist: public economics and pub economics
Speaker: Nicholas Barr
In this lunchtime series of lectures, a selection of LSE’s academics from across the spectrum of the social sciences explain the latest thinking on how social scientists work to address the critical problems of the day.
Nicholas Barr is professor of public economics at LSE and the author of numerous books and articles on the economics of the welfare state and the finance of higher education.
Information: events@lse.ac.uk or call 020 7955 6043