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New books: February 2008

By Kieron L Jones, on 6 February 2008

Oxford Scholarship Online

The Library now subscribes to this significant collection of eBooks which includes many recent Oxford University Press publications.

Social, cultural, economic and environmental

Grogger. Welfare reform: effects of a decade of change (Harvard University Press, 2005). PUBLIC POLICY HV95 GRO.

Starks. Switching to digital television: UK public policy and the market (Intellect, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY PN 1990 STA.

Stevens. Women, power and politics (Palgrave, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY HQ 1236 STE.

Political theory

Kahan. Liberalism in nineteenth-century Europe: the political culture of limited suffrage (Palgrave, 2003). PUBLIC POLICY JC 571 KAH.

Sehm-Patomaki and Ulvila. Global political parties (Zed Books, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY JF 2051 SEH.

Snyder. Reforming philosophy: a Victorian debate on science and society (University of Chicago Press, 2006). PUBLIC POLICY B1607 SNY.

Weale. Democracy, 2nd ed (Palgrave, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY JC 423 WEA.


Hickson (ed.). The political thought of the Conservative Party since 1945 (Palgrave, 2005). PUBLIC POLICY JN 1129.C7 HIC.

King. The British constitution (Oxford UP, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY JN 231 KIN.

Leyland. The constitution of the United Kingdom: a contectual analysis (Hart, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY JN 231 LEY.

Seldon (ed.). Blair’s Britain, 1997-2007 (Cambridge UP, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY JN 1129.L32 SEL.


Caplan. The myth of the rational voter: why democracies choose bad policies (Princeton, 2007). PUBLIC POLICY JK 1965 CAP.

International relations

Aronowitz and Gautney. Implicating empire: globalization and resistance in the twenty-first century world order (Basic, 2003). INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS XB 10 ARO.

Kornprobst et al (eds.). Metaphors of globalization (Palgrave, 2008). INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS XE 10 KOR.

Pease. International organizations: perspectives on governance in the twenty-first century, 3rd ed (Pearson, 2007). INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS XB 60 PEA.

Rengger and Thirkell-White. Critical international relations theory after 25 years (Cambridge UP, 2007). INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS XA 6 REN.

Human rights

Bell and Coicaud (eds.). Ethics in action: the ethical challenges of international human rights nongovernmental organizations (Cambridge UP, 2007). HUMAN RIGHTS A 700 BEL.