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British Periodicals Online

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 10 February 2009

british-periodicals2.jpgThe Library now has access to British Periodicals Online, which provides access to the searchable full text of hundreds of periodicals from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth, comprising millions of high-resolution facsimile page images.

Among the periodicals included are titles founded, edited or regularly contributed to by a host of important figures – Aubrey Beardsley, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Henry Fielding, Ford Madox Ford, Jerome K. Jerome, Samuel Johnson,and W. M. Rossetti to name but a few.

A wide variety of different types of periodical are represented, including art periodicals, penny weeklies and illustrated magazines. The collection forms an unrivalled record of more than two centuries of British history and culture.

New on UbuWeb

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 2 February 2009

Francis Alys: When faith moves mountainsFrancis Alÿs: When faith moves mountains: a 15 minute film from 2002 when 500 volunteers formed a line in order to move a sand dune situated in the surroundings of the city of Lima. 

Focus on Vito Acconci: A poet of the New York school in the early- and mid-1960s, Vito Acconci (b. 1940) moved toward performance, sound, and video work by the end of the decade. Features a number of Acconci’s works, across several mediums, focusing mainly on his 1970s output.

Douglas Huebler: Variable piece 4 New York City: Secrets: PDF of a text from 1973. Also Audio works and radio interviews, 1977-78.

Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt: Mono Lake: 1968-2004, 19.54 mins. Featuring Super 8 film footage and Instamatic slide images of artists Robert Smithson, Michael Heizer and Nancy Holt as they visited California’s Mono Lake in July of 1968, this piece was edited by Holt in 2004.

UbuWeb Podcast 7: Punk Versions of Monkey Chants and Other Ethnopoetic Marvels: ‘Jerome Rothenberg-curated trove of ethnopoetic treasures, focusing on sound’.

Parsing the Languages of the New Media: a critical examination of Lev Manovich’s Language of New Media.

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 30 January 2009

Lev Manovich, The Language of New MediaParsing the Languages of the New Media is a blog about Lev Manovich’s book The Language of New Media (MIT Press, 2001), which took an academic approach to discussing new media, computer-mediated art, and new media art practices within the framework of historical visual and media cultures. The book addressed the aesthetic features of new media, and, as a practitioner himself, as well as a lecturer at the University of California, Manovich was one of the first academics to offer a systematic and rigorous theory of new media. The blog (by postgraduate film student David Witzling) offers page-by-page commentaries on the book, with cross-linking, and links embedded in the text to other websites.

There are 4 copies of the book in the UCL Main Library at ART TA MAN.

Getting the picture: illustrated letters in the Archives of American Art

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 30 January 2009

Ray Johnson, N.Y. letter to Lucy R. Lippard. © 2009 SmithsonianThe Getting the Picture website provides a selection of artists’ illustrated letters from the collection of the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. The collection encompasses “exuberant thank you notes, winsome love letters, lively reports of current events, graphic instructions and other personalized communiqués from the early nineteenth century through the 1980s.” Artists include: Alexander Calder; Marcel Duchamp; Winslow Homer; George Grosz, Philip Guston, Ray Johnson, Roy Lichtenstein; Man Ray; William Wegman; and Andy Warhol. It is also possible to browse by date (from 1890 to 1989).

Great Bear Pamphlets

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 11 December 2008

Great Bear PamphletsThe Historical section of Ubuweb features a digital version of the full set of Great Bear Pamphlets, published by Something Else Press between 1965 and 1967. The Great Bear Pamphlet’s contributors were a who’s who of the sixties avant garde in New York: George Brecht, John Cage, Allen Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Nam June Paik, Dieter Roth and Emmett Williams where some of the authors in the series. 

Something Else Press was founded in New York in 1963 and was an important publisher of Fluxus artists throughout the 1960s.

Should you wish to see the original Great Bear Pamphlets, the Library holds a full set in the Poetry Store collection at Special Collections on Hampstead Road along with many other Something Else Press publications.

British Artists’ Moving Image Database

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 15 October 2008

british1.jpgThe British Artists’ Moving Image Database covers experimental and avant-garde film, video art, artists’ television, gallery-based installations and other works that use moving image and audio-visual multimedia technologies, made by British and British-based artists.

The database provides information on several thousand works and identifies the holdings of public and academic collections, archives, distributors and dealers, their location and conditions of access.

The database is updated regularly as new information is received about works and collections. It can be searched by artist or title, or browsed by collection. Collections include the Arts Council, the BFI, the ICA, Lux, Tate and others.

Saatchi Online

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 7 August 2008

Saatchi Online

Saatchi Online is a daily magazine and blog with news, exhibition reviews, event information and more. It includes Saatchi Online Video which includes films of openings, interviews, performances etc., such as La riviere gentille, a film in four parts about Louise Bourgeois by Brigitte Cornand, a tour of Richard Serra’s 2006 MOMA show, and Tom Sachs’ Space program.

Europa Film Treasures

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 5 August 2008

Europa Film TreasuresEuropa Film Treasures is an EU supported online collection of European film archives. All films are for streaming only and cannot be downloaded. All genres are covered, including comedy, science fiction, westerns and animation. The database currently contains fifty films from national collections such as the Scottish Screen Archive, La Cinémathèque française, Filmoteca Española, Deutsche Kinemathek, the Danske Filminstitut, and the Svenska Filminstitutet.

Art Museum Image Gallery

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 5 August 2008

Art Museum Image GalleryThe library now has a subscription to the Art Museum Image Gallery, a digital resource of art images, all copyright cleared for educational use.

The database contains over 155,000 high quality images taken from the collections of museums around the world. Each image includes a full bibliographic record, and many include curatorial text, provenance data, detail or multiple views, and related multimedia where available. Coverage is from 3000BC to the present, including a number of modern and contemporary artists. Collections represented include those at the Tate, the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  the Musée du Louvre, San Francisco MOMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, and hundreds of others.

The Art Museum Image Gallery can be searched alone or simultaneously with Art Full Text and Art Index Retrospective and is available via the library’s art databases webpage. The images can be downloaded and used for educational purposes.

Oxford Art Online

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 1 August 2008

aesthetics.jpgThe library now has online access to all the art reference resources available through Oxford Art Online. These are: Grove Art Online, an encyclopedia and dictionary covering all aspects of Western and non-Western visual art; The Oxford Companion to Western Art; The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms, which provides 1,800 entries on art terms, critical periods, and styles; and The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, featuring more than 600 articles by more than 500 art historians, philosophers, and theorists.

Oxford Art Online is available via Metalib.