Taylor & Francis Arts & Humanities ebooks

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 23 February 2009

hoffman.jpgThe Library has recently obtained access to a number of ebooks in the arts and humanities. These include:

Frank Hoffman: Encyclopaedia of Recorded Sound 
Jo Anna Isaak: Feminism and Contemporary Art 
John Lechte: Fifty Key Contemporary Thinkers 
James Elkins: On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art
Reesa Greenberg: Thinking About Exhibitions  
Susan Hiller: The Myth of Primitivism 
Ian Jarvie: Philosophy of the Film
Robert Stam: New Vocabularies in Film Semiotics

All books can be accessed offsite. For the full list of titles in all subjects go to Metalib and scroll down to the link for Taylor & Francis eBooks.

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