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Facets Free Film Portal

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 15 December 2008

FacetsEach week, the Facets Free Film Portal spotlights a different set of their favourite films, interviews, arts programmes and documentaries which are available free on the web. The current picks include an interview with Alfred Hitchcock, D.W. Griffith’s 1915 classic silent movie Birth of a nation, and a documentary on Edward Kienholz. 

Facets Multi-Media is a Chicago based non-profit organisation with a mission to preserve, present and distribute independent, world and classic film.

Great Bear Pamphlets

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 11 December 2008

Great Bear PamphletsThe Historical section of Ubuweb features a digital version of the full set of Great Bear Pamphlets, published by Something Else Press between 1965 and 1967. The Great Bear Pamphlet’s contributors were a who’s who of the sixties avant garde in New York: George Brecht, John Cage, Allen Kaprow, Claes Oldenburg, Nam June Paik, Dieter Roth and Emmett Williams where some of the authors in the series. 

Something Else Press was founded in New York in 1963 and was an important publisher of Fluxus artists throughout the 1960s.

Should you wish to see the original Great Bear Pamphlets, the Library holds a full set in the Poetry Store collection at Special Collections on Hampstead Road along with many other Something Else Press publications.

e-flux journal

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 9 December 2008

e-flux journalIssue 1 of e-flux journal is now available online. Articles include The next Documenta shouldn’t be in Kassel by Dieter Lesage, and The boss: on the unresolved question of authority in Joseph Beuys’s oeuvre and public image by Jan Verwoert.

Issue 0, November 2008, is also available.

Mamma Andersson: private view with Adrian Searle

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 9 December 2008

HangoverThe latest instalment of Adrian Searle’s weekly audio series on major contemporary artworks. This week: Mamma Andersson’s Hangover, at the Stephen Friedman Gallery. The podcast can be downloaded or streamed.

Find the rest of the Guardian art podcasts here.

LIFE photo archive

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 1 December 2008

Pablo Picasso wearing a cow’s head mask on beach at Golfe Juan near Vallauris. © Time Inc.The LIFE photo archive is now available via Google Images. This collection of newly-digitized images includes photos and etchings produced and owned by LIFE dating all the way back to the 1750s, only a very small percentage of which were ever published. Today about 20 percent of the collection is online; during the next few months, Google will be adding the entire LIFE archive — about 10 million photos.

The archive consists of images captured by LIFE’s famous photographers, documenting pivotal world events, the evolution of lifestyles and fashions, and the lives of celebrities and everyday people.

Library acquisitions November 2008

By L ( Elizabeth ) Lawes, on 1 December 2008

California videoNew books added to library stock in November include: 

California video: artists and histories. Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 2008. ART MU 8 CAL
Burgin, Victor. Components of a practice. Skira, 2008. ART R 19 BUR
Celant, Germano. Vertigo: a century of multimedia art, from Futurism to the web. Skira, 2008. ART M 8 CEL
Poli, Francesco. Postmodern art: from the postwar to today. Collins, 2008. ART M 8 POL
Thornton, Sarah. Seven days in the art world. Granta, 2008. ART A 4.95 THO
Leighton, Tanya. Art and the moving image: a critical reader. Tate / Afterall, 2008. ART QB 5 LEI

Find the full list here: Library acquisitions November 2008