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By Jes Cooban, on 30 April 2014


UCL now has a full subscription to BoB, the online TV and Radio resource:  http://bobnational.net

UCL students and staff can record and share broadcast material; they can also create clips to use in teaching.  The programmes are saved indefinitely on BoB and you can access the archived clips and programmes from other users.  There are some video tutorials on the BoB homepage, and De Montfort University have some BoB guidance that might be helpful (http://libguides.library.dmu.ac.uk/content.php?pid=479023&sid=3924522 ).

You can also link across to the programmes/clips from online reading lists.

Casalini e-book trial

By Jes Cooban, on 2 April 2014


We have access, until the end of May,  to a Casalini  e-book trial

Please note that the platform seems to work better with Internet Explorer. If you want to access off campus you’ll need to go via WTS.

Please contact your subject librarian with any feedback

Historical Abstracts with Full Text

By Jes Cooban, on 5 March 2014


UCL has a trial to Historical Abstracts with Full Text until 4th April 2014.

Historical Abstracts with Full Text includes journals, book citations and dissertations and theses from over 90 countries. The coverage extends to related disciplines such as archeology, anthropology and sociology.

Content Includes:

  • Indexing of historical articles from more than 2,600 journals in over 40 languages
  • Coverage dates as far back as 1954, with some coverage for titlesback to the early 20th century
  • Access to the full text of more than 400 journals and 140 books
  • Searchable cited references for nearly 520 titles

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian.

JSTOR access problems

By Jes Cooban, on 26 February 2014

Our e-resources team have reported problems with UCL’s institutional login to JSTOR, which is causing problems for users. They are hoping  it won’t be long until it’s resolved.

The way around in the meantime is for people to either access JSTOR whilst connected to Desktop@UCLAnywhere

(https://storefront.desktop.ucl.ac.uk/Citrix/StoreWeb/) as this replicates on-campus access

Or to use the JSTOR link on the databases list (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/Library/database/index.shtml) as they’ll be directed to the UCL Single Sign on screen and be authenticated in that way.

Drama Online

By Jes Cooban, on 5 February 2014

450px-euripides_pio-clementino_inv302.jpg w=500

UCL has a trial to Drama Online until 28th April 2014.

For off-site access to this trial, please use web WTS

Drama Online introduces new writers alongside iconic names of playwriting history, providing contextual and critical background through scholarly works and practical guides. The collection is growing constantly and includes:

  • Access to the finest drama texts
  • Detailed encyclopaedic information
  • Overviews of major concepts, topics and issues
  • Surveys of theatre institutions, countries, genres and movements
  • Biographical entries on key performers, playwrights, directors, designers, choreographers and composers
  • Synopses of significant plays
  • Critical works on major playwrights
  • Original works from theatre practitioners
  • Core craft skills: acting, design, directing, lighting etc.

Users have automatic access to the full-text plays. Personal accounts can also be created to make use of the personalisation tools on the site.

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian

Oxford Bibliographies Online

By Jes Cooban, on 29 January 2014

obo_square_logoUCL has a trial to Oxford Bibliographies Online until 28th February 2014.

For off-site access to this trial, please use web WTS.

Oxford Bibliographies Online provides access to exclusive, authoritative research guides developed cooperatively with scholars and librarians worldwide. Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this resource guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects

Please send feedback on this resource to your subject librarian

History of Science, Technology and Medicine

By Jes Cooban, on 20 November 2013


We have a new subscription to the EBSCO database, History of Science, Technology and Medicine

The subscription has been ordered for 1 simultaneous user starting from January 2014. However we have a trial until the end of the year for unlimited users – meaning we can assess it’s popularity and change the subscription type if necessary.

ACLS Humanities E-book

By Jes Cooban, on 23 August 2013


Good news – we now have access to the ACLS Humanities E-book collections! Please note the work to add individual titles to Explore is still a work in progress. In the meantime here is a full list of the titles included.


Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Online

By Jes Cooban, on 30 July 2013

Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic Online (CHRR Online) is a collaboration between Rick Witschonke and Ethan Gruber at the ANS and Dr. Kris Lockyear of UCL.


The new web-based tool makes available in searchable form the contents of a database created by Dr. Lockyear of 694 Roman Republican Coin hoards and the 115,000 coins that they contain. The new tool, which is based on the Numishare technology, makes it possible to browse, search, map and analyze the evidence of Roman coin finds in new and exciting ways.

British Academy Publications Online

By Volkan L Akgunlu, on 5 July 2013

We now have a trial to British Academy Publications Online.  The trial runs until 5 August, 2013.  Access is via IP from the following URL: