University of Warwick’s Database of Coins Project

By Volkan L Akgunlu, on 23 May 2013

This project seeks to better understand how the Roman Republic transformed into an Empire and how this transformation was visualised in the regions that fell under Roman control. From 168 BC Rome controlled provinces in both the East and the West of the Mediterranean, but it would not be until c. 27 BC that Rome received its first emperor. How was Rome viewed in this intervening period, and to what extent did this prepare the way for later events under Augustus and his successors? Was there a revolution with Augustus? How was Roman domination represented, ritualised or rejected, and what traces of this process can we find in the surviving material? The project will focus on coinage produced in areas under Roman control in this period in order to answer these questions. Through an examination of coinage and its iconography, the project will look at the self-representation of Roman officials who dealt with the provinces, as well as how Rome was perceived by the people who fell under her command.crawford_282_1