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    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 22 March 2017

    UKELA has announced details of the 2017 essay prize open to all students.  The prize is named after Andrew Lees who was Campaigns Director for Friends of the Earth and died in 1994 while campaigning  against open-cast mining in Madagascar

    The 2017 Andrew Lees Prize Article Competition opened for entries from  14 March. Please note extended submission date of 26 April 201.

    You may choose from either ‘Brexit – threat or opportunity for the environment?’ or A topic of your choice that is relevant to UK Environmental Law

    If you choose to submit an article on the topic of your choice, you may have prepared this, or a version of this, for another purpose, but it must have been researched and written after 1 January 2017. We may ask to see evidence of this.

    Entries must be submitted between 14 March 2017 and midday on 26 April 2017.

    The winner will receive a free place at UKELA’s Annual Conference at the University of Nottingham on 7th to 9th July 2017 (including travel expenses from within the UK)

    Please read the competition rules and download an Student_Competition_Form to be submitted along with your entry. Entries and the form are to be sent to elly-mae@ukela.org by midday on 26 April 2017

    The winner will also have their article published in UKELA’s journal e-law and on the UKELA website.



    Environmental law appointments at UCL

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 7 March 2017

    We are absolutely delighted to announce that twoeloise new environmental law colleagues will shortly be joining the UCL Faculty of Laws. Dr Eloise Scotford will be joining us as a professor, from her current position at King’s College London, and Dr Steven Vaughan will be joining us as a Senior Lecturer from the University of Birmingham.

    Eloise has broad research and teaching interests in environmental law.  She writes on the comparative legal treatment of environmental principles, air quality law, climate change governance, waste law, and legislative and adjudicative processes as they relate to the environment. At the core of this research is an exploration of the richness, variety and openness of legal institutions, doctrines and cultures in responding to and accommodating environmental problems.

    Steven’s career began in the City as a solicitor specialising in environmental law (first at Freshfields, then at Latham & Waktins), before moving into academia. His research interests lie in the regulation and governance of three fields: environmental law, the legal profession, and corporate finance. In the environmental arena, he has explored the role of environmental solicitors on corporate finance deals, the regustevenlation of business innovation in the context of new technologies, the framing of land use and redevelopment via the contaminated land regime, and the shaping and operationalisation of EU chemicals law.

    These wonderful appointments will add to and enrich the teaching and research in the Centre for Law and the Environment.

    Join us: Centre Assistant

    By Ellie Forward, on 17 February 2017

    UCL Faculty of Laws at  is one of the world’s leading law schools, with a world-class academic reputation for both research and teaching excellence.  Our research not only enhances the quality of our teaching and research supervision, but contributes to solutions for global challenges while shaping policy and the practice of law.

    The Faculty of Laws has a talented group of environmental and energy lawyers with a wide range of scholarly interests. They have built up an impressive reputation for academic and policy oriented research, and developed an exciting suite of world-class courses for delivery to a diverse body of talented and committed undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    The Centre Assistant will report to and work in collaboration with the Director of Centre for law and the environment. The successful candidate will be responsible for supporting the teaching and research activities of the Centre for Law and the Environment.


    UK Environmental Law Association and BREXIT

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 13 January 2017


    BREXIT represenUKELA_logots a major challenge for the future of UK Environmental Law.  Professor Richard Macrory has been appointed co-chair of the UK Environmental Law Association’s Brexit Task Force – its immediate task is examining how EU environmental law has been integrated into the national system, and the extent to which the “Great Repeal Bill” (expected in May) is able, in the interests of legal stability,  to achieve its objectives of rolling over EU law until the opportunity is taken for review and reform.


    UCL lunch hour lectures

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 11 January 2017

    Centre members Professor Joanne Scott and Professor Maria Lee are both giving a UCL lunch hour lecture this term, watch in person or online, http://events.ucl.ac.uk/calendar/tab:lunch_hour_lectures/

    Offshore wind turbinesTuesday 31 January, Joanne Scott, ‘The Global Reach of EU Law’

    Tuesday 28 February, Maria Lee, ‘Knowledge and law: exploring landscape in the context of wind energy’

    1.15-2pm, Darwin Lecture Theatre

    Brexit and Environmental Law

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 27 October 2016

    On 26 October Professor Maria Lee, director of the Centre, and Professor Macrory were invited to give evidence to the House of Laws EU Sub-committee on Energy and the Environment. together with Professor Andrew Jordan of the University of East Anglia. The sub-committee is holding a short inquiry  explorinselectg the future of environment and climate change policy following the vote to leave the European Union.  The session explored a broad range of issues including the Great Repeal Bill, the possible implications on UK environmental law depending on different models of exit, enforcement issues, and the future role of international environmental law within the UK.   A video of the session can be found at http://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/9bf1e256-4143-4ec6-b8f9-05fadf1f54e1

    All the written evidence and transcripts  of the oral evidence is now published : Brexit-Environment-Climate-Change-Written-Oral-Evidence-Volume 2

    Professor Macrory was asked to provide a supplementary note on the challenges of ensuring a ‘roll-over’ of EU environmental legislation once EU laws no longer has independent legal force in the UK  :  House of Lords Macrory supplementary note 2



    UCL Centre for Law and the Environment, Briefing 2015-16

    By Tatjana I N Wingender, on 20 October 2016

    UCL’s Centre for Law and Environment was established to provide a focal point for the Faculty’s outstanding expertise and academic strength in the field of the environment and the law. The main goals of the Centre are to advance research and teaching and explore the role of law in meeting contemporary environmental and energy challenges. Have a look at what we’ve been doing over the past year and download our Briefing document.

    Paris Agreement on Climate Change – Its Legal Implications

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 21 June 2016

    logoProfessor Macrory was key note speaker at a meeting organized in Brussels by the European Environmental Advisory Councils on 17 June to discuss the legal implications of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The EEAC is a grouping of official environmental advisory bodies across the EU, and includes the UK Climate Change Committee.

    Although the Paris agreement has been characterized as a commitment of effort by parties rather than  Kyoto style legally binding emission reductions , Professor Macrory’s analysis  demonstrated there were many legal obligations encased in the agreement. He went on to argue that the ambitious overall goals of the agreement were likely to influence the development of climate change law and litigation at national level.

    Professor Macrory’s power point :  Macrory Paris agreement




    Succesful PIEL conference 2015

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 30 April 2015

    Established in 2007, Public Interest Environmental Law (PIEL) UK is a not-for-profit organisation which organises an annual conference on a burning topic in Environmental Law. The event is realised entirely through the sponsorship of a number of organisations, including the Centre for Law and the Environment.

    Composed entirely of students from London Universities, the 2014-2015 PIEL UK Organising Committee laboured for several months to put together a programme of 16 speakers – academics, lawyers, activists and politicians – in one affordable Conference open to the public: ‘Satisfying Consumption: Trade and the Environment’. On April 9 PIEL UK’s 9th Annual Conference attracted over 100 attendees of all ages and walks of life. Read more

    In the new academic year, PIEL UK will be recruiting for a Committee to organise the milestone 10th annual Conference. Please subscribe to our Twitter (@Piel_uk), Facebook and LinkedIn groups to stay informed; you can also register your interest by emailing pieluk@gmail.com.


    Good luck to all of our students!

    By Centre for Law and Environment , on 30 March 2015

    climate changeA picture from our happy final class on climate change – now it’s on to revision and essay writing.

    See more on our LLM – http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/law-environment/teaching-courses/