• About IPPR

    Founded at UCL’s School of Public Policy, the International Public Policy Review provides a forum for debate, discussion and online networking in the emerging fields of Global Governance and International Public Policy. As a rigorous student-led academic journal, it publishes both original research and innovative commentary from within the School of Public Policy's postgraduate community.
  • Team

    President: Olivia Robinson

    Head of Editorial: Saskia Kok

    Editorial team:
    Jack Harris
    Claire McNear
    Jacqueline Marcus
    Lucy Phillips

    Head of Events: Alice Vincent

    Events team:
    Michal Ciszewski
    Achin Bansal
    Francesca Bowen
    Hye Lee
    Kristina Lunz

    Fundraising Officer/Treasurer: Sebastian Mang

    Publicity Officer: Fiona McCabe

    Administrative Assistant: Cody Portin

    Web Developer: Ahmad Alili