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Our vision for UCL

By Alex Green, on 4 August 2014

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As part of our new Annual Report, we’ve produced a series of infographics showing off different aspects of UCL’s impacts, approach to carbon and vision for the future.

This infographic is all about illustrating UCL’s five core sustainability aims, and how we can all contribute to achieving them. Enjoy!

02 Our vision of UCL A2_140620_paths

Click on the infographic to see if full-size.

Green UCL’s Annual Report published

By Alex Green, on 4 August 2014

Green UCL’s Annual Report for 2012-13 is now ready. This report showcases examples of best practice and sets out our progress in creating a more sustainable UCL.

book treeIn April 2013, the UCL Council approved the institution’s first Environmental Sustainability Strategy following extensive consultation across the institution. The strategy sets out five strategic aims:

  1. To create a campus which supports UCL’s activities in a sustainable way
  2. To enable, empower and support all UCL communities to address our environmental sustainability impacts
  3. To provide the education, advancement, dissemination and application of sustainable development
  4. To maximise the wider impact of UCL’s environmental sustainability activities at local, regional, national and international level through collaboration, partnership and communication
  5. To become a leader in environmental sustainability across the HE sector

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Our Annual Report sets out the progress which has been made in 2012/13 against these strategic aims and, in particular, the targets and commitments set out in the strategy. It provides some case studies of best practice and also a summary of our key goals for the coming year. 

Read Green UCL’s Annual Report 2012-13.