Are you ready for the Big Easter Switch Off?

By Alex Green, on 8 April 2014


Care about saving energy?

If you’re UCL staff, then the holidays are nearly upon us. During the holidays, the Big Easter Switch Off is happening across UCL. I know wasted energy is a pet hate for lots of you. And this is all about saving energy by switching off non-essential lights, appliances and equipment.

After all, one light left on for the full duration of the holidays could create around 7kg of CO2 (that’s the weight of nearly 200 Creme Eggs). And that’s not taking into account fridges, printers, chargers, heaters and all of that specialist equipment in labs too.

Find out how you can take part

Get ready for the switch off. Get loads of  tips, checklists and resources to help you safely switch off and promote your involvement!

Make the pledge


The department or division with the highest proportion of their staff pledging to be part of the Big Switch Off will win some great Fairtrade prizes. To be in with a chance, make sure to sign the pledge yourself and then share with friends and colleagues. We even have posters and other resources that you can use to promote it: pledge to switch off now.