Love food hate waste: UCL staff and students reduce food waste

By Rosemary Willatt, on 11 March 2013


UCL’s Environmental Sustainability Team has been working with Toby Jones from the North London Waste Authority to help UCL staff and students reduce food waste. As part of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign  Toby has set up stalls during Green Week UCL and at halls providing information and tools. Here’s what Toby has to say about Love Food Hate Waste and working with UCL…



“We have had a great response so far from UCL students to our food waste prevention campaign! The campaign aims to highlight how much food we waste at a household (or student kitchen) level, and provide practical tips on how to easily reduce this waste, as well as giving out some useful tools to help you. An example is measuring out portions of foods like rice and pasta so that we only cook as much as we mean to and won’t end up with a surprise pan-full. We also provide recipes and storage tips so that this surplus gets used up rather than thrown away.

The message certainly seems to be well received once people stop to chat – it helps that you can take away our handy freebies: rice and pasta measurers, a tea towel, bag clips and more! You can get involved by simply stopping by to browse our information stall when you see us, or find more online. If you want to go further we’re always happy to run workshop sessions if you know of any interested groups who would like one.”