Lunch hour lecture on risks and benefits of active transport

By Elmer A Van Der Wel, on 4 February 2013

On Monday the 28th of January, Dr Jennifer Mindell of the UCL Research Department of Epidemiology & Public Health held a lunch-hour lecture on Cycling, walking or driving – what are the risks and benefits?

The one-hour lecture had an extremely high information density and showed a variety of research findings, figures and statistics that are encouraging for us walkers, runners and cyclists. A small collection of great findings: in a Finnish study, 55-year old cyclists were found to have the aerobic fitness of someone 30 years younger. There were 8 times more road injuries amongst car occupants than cyclists, proportions of cyclist death and serious injuries have fallen 33% in the last decade and one cyclist fatality occurs per 30 million kilometres cycled. However, a wider adoption and more research is needed because the average cyclist is a man in his forties, and comparative data is still an issue. The lecture ended in style with a most amusing fact: cycling is actually less dangerous than fishing. So let’s cycle.

By Elmer van der Wel http://urbansensation.wordpress.com/

This presentation was given as part of the Environmental Sustainability Topic Lunch Series.