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Meeting with TfL – cycle safety ambassador scheme

By Elmer A Van Der Wel, on 7 February 2013

During lunch hour, 6th of February, a small group of 9 people from different UCL bodies, London Metropolitan University and City University came together with TfL’s Joe Lewis and Chris Morris to discuss possibilities to make cycling safer for students.

One option, if you feel you could do with some training, is to get free cycle training. The other and more advanced option that TfL provides is a free four-day cycle instructor training for which anyone can sign up and after which you will be accredited with a cycle instructor diploma.

Green Week UCL was reviewed, some events were reviewed and the foundations for safer cycling have been laid.
More information can be found at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/greenucl/whats-happening/programmes/tfl-cycle-safety-ambassador-scheme and any ideas on how TfL and UCL could provide safer cycling are welcome! Let us know what you think by commenting below.

Elmer van der Wel – http://urbansensation.wordpress.com/

Lunch hour lecture on risks and benefits of active transport

By Elmer A Van Der Wel, on 4 February 2013

On Monday the 28th of January, Dr Jennifer Mindell of the UCL Research Department of Epidemiology & Public Health held a lunch-hour lecture on Cycling, walking or driving – what are the risks and benefits?

The one-hour lecture had an extremely high information density and showed a variety of research findings, figures and statistics that are encouraging for us walkers, runners and cyclists. A small collection of great findings: in a Finnish study, 55-year old cyclists were found to have the aerobic fitness of someone 30 years younger. There were 8 times more road injuries amongst car occupants than cyclists, proportions of cyclist death and serious injuries have fallen 33% in the last decade and one cyclist fatality occurs per 30 million kilometres cycled. However, a wider adoption and more research is needed because the average cyclist is a man in his forties, and comparative data is still an issue. The lecture ended in style with a most amusing fact: cycling is actually less dangerous than fishing. So let’s cycle.

By Elmer van der Wel http://urbansensation.wordpress.com/

This presentation was given as part of the Environmental Sustainability Topic Lunch Series.