Xmas Number One

By John M Draper, on 20 December 2012

Christmas came early as I answered to phone to hear Rosie tell me that PALS were Number 1 for Xmas and top of the Green Impact League Table.  We are the Band Aid, or rather the latest X Factor winner, of UCL.

How did we achieve this you may ask…indeed we’ve also asked this ourselves…  However we do have small dedicated team from across the many disparate parts and buildings that form the entity known as PALS.  We’ve met regularly both as a larger team, and as smaller teams from each building and allocated tasks where they best suit among ourselves.  We’ve battled with the vagaries and inconsistencies of our air-conditioning, we’ve risked offending esteemed academic colleagues by reminding them to switch off their lights, and we’ve tried to be as informative as possible over green issues eg designed a Green Web Page, set up Green Noticeboards, and sent e-mails encouraging all to walk and cycle. Everyone in PALS now knows that the cycle rate for work-related meetings or conferences is 12p per mile but nobody’s yet submitted an expense claim of £79.20 for cycling to a conference in Edinburgh. We live in hope though. We’ve even tried to understand and then educate our staff and students about the nuances between the red and clear bags for rubbish, even dealing with tricky, academic questions such as ‘What if there’s food on my plastic container?  Should that go in a red or clear bag?’…

However the success is down to having a dedicated and keen team of staff and students committed to making PALS a greener and brighter place.  Oh, and we also started to enter data into the Green Impact Workbook.