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    Turnitin’s up and coming features

    By Jessica Gramp, on 16 August 2012

    Stay up to date with new features on the Turnitin Product Twitter page: http://twitter.com/turnitinproduct

    Features in the pipeline for Turnitin include:

    • An Instructor dashboard will soon be available via Moodle – this shows an activity stream, quick links and an overview of assignment submissions
    • See a count of how many times each student has submitted to Turnitin
    • Staff will soon be able to push only those assignments that have been graded to students, without having to show everyone their grades at one time
    • Non-text based assignment submissions that don’t need to be checked for plagiarism will be possible in Turnitin to allow staff to use Grademark to provide feedback
    • URL submissions will enable  students to submit a website, YouTube video or portfolio link to Turnitin for marking

    Available late August 2012:

    • Students can retrieve digital receipts from Turnitin, so if the emailed receipt goes missing there is another way to access proof of when they submitted

    Coming in January 2013:

    • PeerMark integration with Moodle for peer assessment (Note: UCL doesn’t currently have a PeerMark license)
    • iPad application for offline marking (Windows and Android devices to follow)
    New technologies:
    • Turnitin are working with technology that detects changes in the style of writing to flag areas of assignments that may have been ghost written
    • Support for Arabic, and other right to left languages, is being developed
    • Translated plagiarism detection, where Turnitin translates non-English documents into English and then compares this to work submitted by students in English, is also being developed

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