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    UCL Distance Learning Network

    By , on 5 January 2010

    Distance learningIn response to a growing interest in various forms of distance learning at UCL, a meeting is being organised to form a UCL Distance Learning Network. The Network aims to bring together those running or developing full or partial distance learning courses.

    Meetings take place throughout the year and covers areas such as:

    1. Possible remit of the group (e.g. address common issues, provide guidance, raise profile, network, identify current and ‘good’ practice, link central services with developers)
    2. Update of distance learning projects (short intro from attendees)
    3. Issues arising from current developments (Support centrally and in departments, administration, technical and design support)
    4. Role of central support (Admin, E-Learning Environments, CALT, Library, IT)
    5. How to support future developments

    For anyone interested, please contact E-Learning Environments (ele@ucl.ac.uk).