Think Pieces

Here, the project team tracks the broader research themes of the project.


‘Overview of Project May 2013′, is thinkpiece written by Prinicpal Investigator Margot Finn, which considers the main research questions and methodologies that the project has encountered so far and begins to record some of the preliminary findings.
‘Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds: Uncovering connections between the East India Company and the British Caribbean colonies through the British Library’s Collections’, is a finding aid devised by AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellow Chris Jeppesen to suggest some of the ways in which India, the Caribbean and Britain were intertwined during the hundred years between 1757 and 1857—and how these links can be traced in the British Library’s collections.
Margot Finn gave the lecture ‘Who owns history? Public and private in the East India Company pasts’ as part of the Gerald Aylmer Seminar 2014. In it Finn outlines the main arguments emerging from the methodological challenges of the East India Company at Home project – who owns history? who produces it? who practices it?

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