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Bot and Robot filtering on Google Analytics

Digital Presence5 August 2014

Please read the link (below) from Google Analytics for the explanation.

WAMS has decided to apply the filtering as mentioned in the link above – this may result in a lower number of visitors to your sites because
the bots and spider visits are no longer part of the total number of visitors.

If you have set up your own Google Analytics account, we recommend you tick the box as well to apply filtering.

And remember, when you do so, you may want to inform others in your team who are looking at GA so they understand why the visitors’ number is dropping.

Any questions, please email web-support@ucl.ac.uk

UCL Web Statistics 2009

NickDawe14 January 2010

Another year past, and here are a few more website statistics for the last 12 months:

(Once again, these stats represent all sites that use the Web Services Analytics code, i.e. all UCL Silva sites, but not all UCL Apache websites)

Top UCL Webpages 2009

(not including the homepage!)

1. Prospective Students

2. Prospective Students Prospectus

3. Departments A-Z

4. Departments

5. Studying at UCL

6. UCL Economics

7. Staff Directory

8. Prospective Students – Graduate Study

9. Current Students

10. Department – Academic Departments

Top UCL iTunes U Podcasts 2009

1. Stemming Vision Loss with Stem Cells – Seeing is Believing (Audio)

2. The Zen of Running (Video)

3. Top-Secret Codebreaking During World War II: The Last British
Survivor of Bletchley Park¹s Testery (Video)

4. Le Corbusier: Modernist Originality or Copying? (Video)

5. Angels & Demons: The Real Physics (Video)

6. Autism ­ theory of mind and the Sally-Ann experiment (Audio)

7. Professor Uta Frith > Autism ­ theory of mind and the Sally-Ann (Audio)

8. Professor Uta Frith > Autism ­ a single disorder or a disorder (Audio)

9.  Professor Uta Frith > Autism ­ the information processing (Audio)

10. Professor Uta Frith > Autism ­ detail-focus and weak central
coherence (Audio)

Find these in our iTunes U store (requires iTunes)

Top News Stories 2009

1. Adverse weather conditions (details of UCL service disruptions, etc.) (02/02/09)

2. UCL fourth in new university world rankings (08/10/09)

3. Fee discount for new UCL taught Masters students 2009/10 (01/04/09)

4. UCL climbs the Sunday Times university rankings (11/09/09)

5. Unravelling the secrets of a magic material (15/10/09)

6. UCL Online Timetable now live (29/09/09)

7. Statement update on attempted act of terrorism on NorthWest Airlines Flight 253 (26/12/09)

8. Information for new students (New Students website launch) (19/08/09)

9. Ranking: UCL enters top ten universities in the world (08/11/07)

10. Climate change: The biggest global-health threat of the 21st Century (14/05/09)

Visitors’ browsers

1. Internet Explorer (48% use version 6, which is a slight decrease from 2008’s 62%; 41% used version 7; 10% used version 8 )

2. Firefox (23%)

3. Safari (7.5%)

4. Chrome (2.3%)

5. Opera (0.5%)

Operating Systems

While it’s no surprise that Windows was the most popular OS used to browse the site (by 88% of users), what is interesting is the gradual increase of usage by mobile operating systems like the iPhone. While their use is very low compared to e.g. Windows, there were still around 38,000 visits made with iPhones, and almost 10,000 visits from iPods. Other mobile devices rank less, with Analytics only recording around 2,200 visits from BlackBerrys and 2,000 visits from Android phones.

UCL web statistics for 2008

NickDawe11 December 2008

Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, we thought we’d pick out some of the more useful/interesting statistics we’ve drawn from the UCL website using Google Analytics.

(NB these stats represent all sites that use the Web Services Analytics code, i.e. all UCL Silva sites, but not all UCL Apache websites)

Statistics screenshot

Top UCL sites 2008

(List is based on page views of sites’ home pages)
1. Prospective students
2. Departments
3. Staff: Home
4. About UCL
5. Administration, Services and Facilities
6. UCL News
7. UCL Maps and Locations
8. UCL Research
9. UCL Alumni
10. UCL School of Public Policy

Top news stories 2008

(Taken from www.ucl.ac.uk/news/)
1. UCL on iTunes U – 3/06/08 (13,085 unique views)
2. World ranking rise for UCL – 20/08/08 (10,999)
3. UCL climbs again in world university rankings – 9/10/08 (9,639)
4. Surname profiler – 18/01/06 (7,635) – Note the date!
5. UCL unveils new academic dress – 26/03/08 (6,352)
6. Ranking: UCL enters top ten in universities in the world – 8/11/07 (5,983)
7. First person: UCL on Obama victory – comments – 5/11/08 (5,394)
8. UCL graduate grabs Beijing gold in athletics – 19/08/08 (5,380)
9. Confirmation and clearing in 2008 – 13/08/08 (4,722)
10. October 2008 pay increase – 15/10/08 (4,470)

Countries visiting the UCL website

1. UK (80%)
2. US (3.8%)
3. China (1%)
4. India (0.85%)
5. Germany (0.84%)
6. Italy (0.76%)
7. Canada (0.68%)
8. France (0.66%)
9. Greece (0.65%)
10. Hong Kong (0.49%)

Finally, it may be of use to web developers at UCL to note what kinds of browsers visitors have been using in 2008:

1. Internet Explorer (76%) – 62% of this number are still using version 6.0, and 37.5% are using version 7.0. The high percentage for IE 6 is probably due to Staff WTS still using this version of the browser.
2. Firefox (18%)
3. Safari (4.5%)
4. Opera (0.5%)
5. Chrome (0.26%)

With the release of IE8, as well as the increased use of Chrome by many surfers, it’ll be interesting to see how these statistics change over 2009.