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Image tools

NickDawe15 March 2010

Just a few image tools that I’d discovered recently, and may be of use to others also.

Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Image placeholders don’t take long to set up in an image editor, but if you’re creating a lot of them, it can still be time-consuming. dummyimage.com makes this a lot quicker. You can either enter the details of the image (e.g. dimensions, file type, etc.) on the home page, or just add the dimensions to the end of the site URL (e.g. http://dummyimage.com/500×200)

Smush.it (TM)

Part of Yahoo!’s Developer Network, this looks like an extremely useful, quick way to compress images (again, perhaps more efficient than using a typical image editor). Simply upload them, and they’ll be processed with various lossless compression algorithms (i.e. ‘smushed’), before being handed back to you as far ‘lighter’ image files.


If you use background-images in your stylesheets, SpriteMe provides a speedy way of combining all images into one item (i.e. a ‘sprite’). You can then display these images by using given CSS ‘background-position’, width and height properties to only show the part of the sprite that’s needed. Because each image you use as a ‘background-image’ is set as one http request, combining them into one single image therefore quickens page load times even further.