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WebNet Autumn Term 2016: further information and slides

ClareKennedy2 December 2016

Editors at the autumn 2016 WebNet meeting

Thank you to all editors who attended this term’s WebNet. We’ve had good feedback about the event and it was fantastic to see so many of you there.

We were especially pleased to be joined by colleagues from UCL Brain Sciences who shared their experience of building a new site in Drupal and working with colleagues across UCL on their re-launched site: www.ucl.ac.uk/brain-sciences

The section on the functionality of the new CMS provoked many interesting questions which we’ve rounded up for you on our new Drupal feature page and on our other service pages.

We discussed website standards in the context of department and faculty sites and explained that online guidance will be shared in the new year as part of UCL’s new response to Competitions and Markets Authority guidance for HEIs. A very good question arose after WebNet on whether we also need to look at standards around professional services sites. We think this is very important but we should wait until the ongoing user research into staff and student digital experience is complete before taking this forward (see below for more on this project).

We shared and discussed the new URL naming policy and details of our 2016-17 Digital Transformation projects and links to further information and answers to all your questions are below.

WebNet Q&A

Drupal project update

All the information you need on the CMS project is on our Drupal page. Colleagues were naturally very interested in the timeline for migrating sites to Drupal. This will begin in earnest after the beta roll-out (from March) and we will contact content site owners two months before the work is carried out with a migration checklist and full details of the process:

CMS features and functionality roadmap

Your functionality questions and answers are now on our new Drupal features page. The main aim of the CMS project is to replicate all functionality currently available in Silva so we can focus on migrating all sites to Drupal and eventually decommission Silva but we will continue to capture feature requests and publish the roadmap on the features page:

Moving to Indigo

We looked at how many sites have already moved to Indigo and and discussed the need for Digital Presence to ensure the message is clear on the benefits of moving both to enhance the usability of sites but also to pave the way to Drupal. Find out more about the benefits and process of moving to Indigo on our website:

URL naming policy

Joel Hardman, our Web Technical Lead, shared details of the URL naming policy that has been approved by the Digital Transformation Governance Group as part of our website governance structure. As such we reserve the right to approve all URLs via the domain eligibility committee and work with you to find a good URL that meets all our best practice and SEO criteria and your own website goals:

Digital Transformation projects 2016-17

Susan Farrell, Head of Digital Presence, shared details of the Digital Transformation domain’s projects for the current year including user research into key staff and student user journeys, a new ‘virtual student centre’ website for current students, improved search, event management and prospectus management.