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Silva updates

By Nick Dawe, on 6 September 2010

Here are a few Silva CMS updates we’ve made in the last month. We’ll endeavour to post similar updates as we continue to develop, fix bugs, etc. for the system over time.

New code sources


  • Horizontal menu: It is now possible to display a single level horizontal menu based on the root items of your site using the UCL branding layout. This will display throughout your publication.
  • Mobile view: The custom mobile view of the UCL branding layout now displays in Android devices.

Amended code sources

  • Accordion: it is now possible to add multiple accordions into a page.
  • Accordion: a bug that caused the code source to show incorrectly in IE6 has also been fixed.
  • Caption an image: browser compatibility bug fixed
  • Tabbed box and accordion: a bug that was generated when these two code sources appeared on the same page has been fixed