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Blogging ideas (pt2)

By Nick Dawe, on 15 August 2008

A few more bits of inspiration for UCL bloggers…

George Orwell blog screenshot

  • Orwell Diaries – Why publish a diary in the traditional way, when you can blog? This adds a new dimension to a posthumous diary – now Orwell’s diaries are open to all, and also open for all to comment on. Personally I’m keen to see how this will develop – will the multitude of comments distract from Orwell’s writings?
  • ColourLovers Colour and Design Blog – An attractive blog that is yet another attraction for visitors of the ColourLovers site. Extra effort is made for each post to appear well-designed, and to also be genuinely useful/interesting, thus guaranteeing visitors are sure to return at a later date.
  • RadioNation AudioBlog – I suppose this is similar to the concept of a podcast, except that it’s theoretically easier for visitors to discuss and comment on individual audio ‘posts’. Strangely, I can remember personal audioblogs being more popular around 4 or 5 years ago, but I struggled to find any particularly good examples for this today.