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    Remember to reset before adding new students.

    By Domi C Sinclair, on 14 September 2016

    As with previous years, now that the Moodle Snapshot has been taken, and the upgrade has been successfully performed, all Moodle courses that have completed their yearly cycle or are no longer in use need to be reset.


    Resetting is only for course which concludes prior to the 22nd July 2016 Snapshot. For any other courses please see our guidance on appropriate procedures.

    Why we need to do a course reset?

    Course resets are an essential part of the Moodle housekeeping process because they:-

    • Clear out old student data.
    • Remove students’ permissions from Moodle courses.
    • Remove student records from Moodle database.
    • Increase Moodle performance through database optimisation.
    • Keep our campus licensing agreements at the correct level.
    • Makes existing/current courses easier to manage and less prone to errors.

    What happens if we do not do course resets?

    • We build up dead data in the live database which still has to be queried by the system which in turn impacts upon Moodle’s performance.
    • We have to count these expired students against our Licensing for systems such as Turnitin, which increase our costs.

    But how do I do a course reset?

    Instructions on how to do a reset are located here


    During the upgrade process all Portico mappings in Moodle were de-activated. This was to ensure that no students are accidentally unenrolled when the Portico team implement the new enrolment data for the 2016-17 academic year.

    If you wish to keep existing students on a Moodle course (for example masters course, courses with an end date after 22nd July) then please DO NOT reactivate the Portico mappings.

    If you are resetting your course for the 2016-17 academic year, and all required data is saved in the Moodle Snapshot ( then please remember to re-activate Portico mappings.

    You can find out more about the Portico enrolment block on the Moodle Resource Centre wiki:

    The Moodle Snapshot (previously called archive)

    For anyone worried about a loss of historical data, please remember on the 22nd July 2016 we took the Moodle annual snapshot. This snapshot is a point in time capture of Moodle including all the student data, that is set in a read only mode for you to access as required as a separate instance from live Moodle (previous instances are located here

    My Course requires a reset at a different period of the year. What do I do?

    For those courses such as postgraduate, medical and other non-standard timetabled courses and modules please see the following guidance page.

    We greatly appreciate you help in this activity any questions please contact the ISD Service Desk (