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    Using smartphones for filming

    By Clive Young, on 23 March 2014


    As we know there is a growing demand across UCL to create video resources for teaching and learning. However the facilities and equipment to do so are still quite limited, so some colleagues are experimenting by shooting video on phones and tablets. 

    Such devices actually turn out to be quite good tools to use to record and even edit ad-hoc short videos – if used in the right way, of course. While researching some guidance documents I came across these videos from the BBC College of Journalism about how to use smartphones for capturing news stories. I think the basic principles apply equally well for educational video and media. The first focuses on using the smartphone as a video camera.


    Some UCL colleagues are also using short audio-only ‘podcasts’ for example to give feedback. The next video provides some useful tips about recording audio.


    The final video of this series concentrates on using the phone as a stills camera, and while covering some of the same ground, includes a few useful extra stills-only tips.

    If any colleagues are using a smartphone or tablet to create media resources and would like to share their experiences and tips, please get in touch.